Mobile APPs

We can create for you an Optimized Mobile Apps for iOS and Android Using Your Existing  websites for such a reasonable price at any budget.   Apps are now more convenient for users & easier to navigate. You can now send eye catching push notification right inside your customers smartphones which is better than email or any other form of engaging with customers or subscribers.



“Create Optimized Mobile Apps for
iOS and Android Using Your Existing
Websites in Just 1 Click . .
So Easy, Even a 8-Year-Old Could Do It!”


  • Build iOS And Android Apps In Real TimeWith our powerful API, you can transform any website into iOS and Android apps in real time. Apps built with Mobile App Access can update and sync data instantly in the platform when your website content changes.

  • Push NotificationsConfigure custom push messages on your device. Your app will be able to receive various notifications in visual alerts.

  • Select and Customise Launcher IconChoose an impressive launcher icon. Customise and transform it into a unique three dimensional shape.

  • Upload your Own Custom IconDelight your users by uploading your own customized icon to add character and visual appeal to your main menu page.

  • Select and Customize Splash ScreenAdd spirit to your app by selecting a splash screen of your choice and customizing it into a crisp and high density splash screen using our powerful API.



Note:  After downloading the generated code you can upload your app code to either ANDRIOD GOOGLE PLAY STORE or the APPLE IOS APP’S STORE.  If you want we can help you with this and we will submit your codes with a fee of course witch we do not control.  This fees are set by google and apple.